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Are you drinking chicken milk?

Chicken milk is the latest craze sweeping the globe. Due to an ever-increasing global thirst for milk, egg-heads have been working around the clock to find alternative sources of the white stuff.

And after thousands of experiments, there was one clear winner: Chicken milk. Chicken breast is best apparently...

Have you tried all-new Chicken Milk?


OK, we’re joking, there is no chicken milk. But some things in farming aren’t funny. Like our broken food system. Those in control of our food have been playing around for too long now, acting like there are no consequences to factory farming.

But there ARE consequences – serious ones. Factory farming is hurting animals, trashing our planet and ruining people’s lives.

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Chicken milk carton

I’ve been reading about ChickenMilk on

According to the website, it’s a healthy and tasty alternative to cow’s milk.

What do you think – real or fake? You can see the full advert here.